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ISO 14298 - Are You Registering Your Holograms?

22 March 2016

International Standard’s Organisation (ISO) has issued several standards over the last few years relevant to hologram producers. One standard in particular is ISO 14298 for the ‘management of security printing (and security foil production) processes’ that requires security holograms to be design checked and then registered onto a database.

ISO 14298

This standard, which uses a risk based approach, requires a certified security foil (or hologram) producer to have in place procedures to ensure that they vet customers and take steps to prevent the production of counterfeit items. Intergraf and NASPO, two of the leading global audit organisations for ISO 14298, have interpreted this to require foil producers to first check proposed designs on a global hologram register, and then to register the new hologram on a register. So for any security hologram producing company that wishes to become certified under ISO 14298, then they will need to meet this requirement. At present, the IHMA’s hologram image register is the only register in the world that meets these conditions.

The main goals of ISO 14298 are:

1. To improve the security for the industry in regards to security printing and help the fight against fraud and forgery;
2. To reduce trade barriers by encouraging uniform practices around the world;
3. Satisfy clients increasing need in security.

ISO 14298 is rapidly becoming recognised as the mark of credibility and quality in the security print and security foil field, so certification under this standard will be important for organisations that are producing and / or wish to export security holograms, including those for use on currency, tax stamps, certificates, vouchers, security labels and other security documents.

Hologram Image Register

The hologram image register is a record of holograms in use around the world, updated regularly by IHMA members (and non-members) and is operated under conditions of strict confidence and security. By using the hologram image register, producers can check that a hologram they intend to make is not an illicit copy of an existing hologram and that it does not infringe any copyright.

Registration of holograms is free for IHMA members using the new online hologram register whilst for non-IHMA members (certified and non-certified ISO 14298 organisations) a fee per registration is required subject to the organisation complying with the IHMA’s ode of practice.

The benefits of the online new hologram image register system are as follows:

1. Design artwork can be submitted electronically, resulting in faster design checks
2. Faster registration process for your designs – no hard copy forms
3. Ease of use – via the internet using secure communication methods

The new system is not only more convenient, more efficient and easier to use, but it represents a major update and redesign of the image register requirements to reflect more usefully the way holograms are designed and used today.

The IHMA hope that this new improvement to the hologram image register will benefit and encourage members (and non-members) to continue to use the register, thereby protecting them and their customers from inadvertent counterfeiting of holograms and copyright infringement. 

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IHMA Press Releases

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