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The New Hologram Image Register (HIR)

14 January 2016

The International Hologram Manufacturing Association (IHMA) has updated the HIR to a fully online process, making it more efficient for members to register their designs.

The roll out of the new HIR is now underway and comes after a yearlong project to upgrade the system. Successful beta testing has been carried out and the system is now ready to roll out.

The benefits of the new system for members are as follows:

  • Artwork submission will now be electronic, resulting in faster design checks
  • No hard copy forms are needed for registering designs thereby providing a faster registration process
  • Ease of use – via the internet using secure communication methods

In collaboration with the Counterfeiting Intelligence Bureau (CIB), which administers the HIR, a series of online training sessions will begin. Members who are high users of the current HIR will be trained first followed by members who have lower HIR usage.

The new system is not only more convenient, more efficient and easier to use, but it represents a major update and redesign of the HIR requirements to reflect more usefully the way holograms are designed and used today.

The IHMA hope that this new improvement to the HIR will benefit and encourage members to continue to use the HIR, which protects them and their customers from inadvertent counterfeiting of holograms and copyright infringement.

The HIR is a register of holograms in use around the world, updated regularly by the IHMA members and operated under conditions of strict confidence and security. By using the HIR, producers can check that a hologram they intend to make is not an illicit copy of an existing hologram and that it does not infringe any copyright.

In addition, with many more organisations now becoming accredited to ISO 14298 – Management of Security Printing (and Security Foil) Processess, for producers of documents of value, e.g. banknotes, ID documents or security foils, the IHMA would encourage its members to register their holograms. Carrying out a pre-origination check on a hologram register and registration of holograms onto a register is now required by Intergraf and NASPO, the two leading organisations globally for 14298 certification.

ISO 14298 specifies requirements for the management of security printing processes and is a transposition of the former CWA 14641

The goals of ISO 14298 are to:

  • To improve the security for the industry in regards to security printing and help the fight against fraud and forgery;
  • To reduce trade barriers by encouraging uniform practices around the world;
  • Satisfy clients increasing need in security.

Commenting on this recent achievement Dr Mark Deakes (IHMA General Secretary Designate) and Mike Messmer (IHMA Chairman) said: ‘We would like to acknowledge the tremendous work that the HIR Development Group has put in to bring this enhanced, online version of the HIR to fruition. The IHMA team was Ian Lancaster (IHMA Secretariat), Valéry Petiton (Hologram Industries), David Pizzanelli and Paul Dunn (OpSec). Paul deserves special thanks for his work on this project and for testing the evolving beta versions of the system. And at the CIB Cyrus Mody has also been instrumental in guiding the work.

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