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Innovation and origination at Holography Awards 2015

03 December 2015

This year’s Holography Conference took place in Shanghai and saw leading holography companies recognised for excellence and cutting edge technology at the event’s Holography Awards 2015.

Award nominations were submitted for five categories: Innovation in Holographic Technology, Best Origination, Best Applied Security Product and Best Applied Decorative/Packaging Product. Additionally, the IHMA Board judge’s selected one project as ‘Best of Year’ and selected the recipient of the Brian Monaghan Award for Business Innovation.

Winner of this year’s Innovation in Holographic Technology award was China’s Zhongchao Special Security Technology Co Ltd, a division of China Banknote Printing & Minting Corporation, with its ColorDance™ product, designed for banknote security stripes. This new type of optical anti-counterfeiting technology differs greatly from traditional holography by containing special optical micro-nanostructures showing novel optical effects such as dynamic image with full parallax and steady colour.

Also commended was Bowater Holographics for Bowater Polycopier, CSEM SA for ‘Holograms & DOE’s Structured in Hardened Steel’ and Morphotonix S.a.r.l./Kyburz & Cie S.A for ‘Decoration and Security in One for Swiss Watch Dials’.

Combustion Ingenieros S.A.S. Technological of Colombia was awarded Best Origination winner for its Nobel Prize Tribute hologram honoring the memory of Colombian writer and Nobel Prize winning author Gabriel García Márquez. Each view of the hologram shows a multiplicity of characters, landscapes and elements depending on illumination source position. Combustion Ingenieros was also commended for their ‘Powerful Chinese Dragon’ metal-embedded hologram. Also commended in this category were Hologram.Industries, now called Surys, for its design for the security laminate on the national passport of The Sultanate of Oman.

This winner of this year’s Best Applied Security Product was the Bank of Israel in association with Leonhard Kurz Stiftung & Co. KG, for the first of four new denomination Series C banknotes released into circulation. The banknotes carry Kurz’s KINEGRAM® VOLUME® foil stripe featuring vibrantly coloured bold designs from the KINEGRAM® origination process, which are combined with physical principles and materials entirely different from typical holographic foils.

Also commended was Holostick India Ltd for the ‘Afzal Inner’ hologram for export tobacco pouches.

Two entries were commended for the Best Applied Decorative/Packaging Product award. Firstly, a three-company alliance between NovaVision Inc, Royal Canadian Mint and Pacific Holographs produced the 2015 Fine Silver Hologram Coin featuring ‘Lustrous Maple Leafs’ embedded into one of the coin faces. Optaglio Ltd was also commended for their Fine Silver Coin to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Canadian Space Agency.

The Hellenic Institute of Holography was awarded ‘Best of Year’ for the Bowater Collection of Fabergé OptoClones™, which are remarkably accurate full-colour holographic reproductions of the famous ornaments now housed in the Fabergé Museum in St Petersburg, Russia.

Posthumous recipient of the Brian Monaghan Award for Business Innovation was Wayne Tompkin Ph.D, Head of Optical Technology for OVD Kinegram Corp. After a career in holography spanning over 25 years, Wayne was responsible for the development and origination of many of OVD’s KINEGRAM® projects for the protection of banknotes, ID documents, and brand protection. Wayne also authored more than 25 papers, and his technical expertise has been recognized in over 400 patents worldwide.

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