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Code Of Practice

Within its mission to protect and promote the common interests of the worldwide holography industry the International Hologram Manufacturers Association has drawn up a Code of Practice for its members.

All members agree to abide by this Code which is intended to promote ethical business practices and the highest standards by its members.

  1. Members of the IHMA undertake to operate their business in a manner which enhances the reputation of the holography industry and the IHMA. In dealings with each other, with customers and suppliers, members will observe the highest standards of business integrity and business ethics.
  2. All IHMA members are bound by the IHMA's Articles of Association which oblige all members to follow this Code of Practice.

    A member in breach of this obligation, or otherwise operating in such a way as to bring the IHMA and the holography industry into disrepute, should be brought to the attention of the Board for notification to a General Meeting which is empowered to suspend the membership or expel from membership such companies.
  3. All members will issue standard conditions of contract which will be available to all customers or potential customers. In dealings with customers or potential customers members will not knowingly misrepresent the characteristics and functioning of their products or their capabilities.

    Members will use their best endeavours to ensure that orders are delivered to customers as specified and on time.
  4. Where by reason of factors outside their control, such as fire, flood, industrial unrest, bankruptcy or other factors, a member is unable to meet the contractual obligations for quantity or date delivery, then by agreement with the customer the member will endeavour to place that work with another IHMA member and will cooperate fully with that member. If required or necessary, and in strictest confidence, the IHMA will undertake the finding of a member to complete the order.
  5. IHMA members will respect the intellectual property rights of their suppliers, subcontractors and other members of the holography industry.

    Members undertake to operate within the Berne Convention and to make clear to customers and contractors who own the designs, drawings, artwork, master and sub-master plates of any given hologram. The IHMA publishes guidelines to cover these matters.
  6. Where appropriate, members undertake to pay a royalty or a royalty waiver fee and to honour all contractual obligations to an artist or hologram originator who has supplied holograms for reproduction.
  7. IHMA members will operate within the environmental health and safety legislation that applies to them as a minimum standard of care and concern for the environment and the health and safety of their staff, customers and end users.
  8. Every member of the IHMA accepts the responsibility of maintaining this Code of Practice and striving to enhance the reputation of the IHMA so that membership is seen to stand for quality and customer satisfaction.
  9. Members undertake to use their best endeavours to protect their own, other hologram producers' and customers' intellectual property rights, which will include the investigation of customers where these are not previously known to the member, and investigation of the design of all commissions where the customer supplies artwork (in whatever form), to ensure that the proposed hologram does not infringe any IPR and that any registered or pre-existing designs, logos etc incorporated into the hologram are used with the permission of the rights holder.

    Members will use all resources available to them to this end including the Hologram Image Register and/or other copyright or hologram registers approved by the IHMA for this purpose.


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