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IHMA Expands in China

The IHMA has launched a project to raise its profile to brand owners in China and improve knowledge of the benefits of holograms and working with IHMA member companies.


The IHMA is working with a regional representative to co-ordinate and facilitate the project.

Case Studies

One of the first IHMA projects specifically for China is to collect information about hologram programmes in the country, creating a set of case studies which show how holograms made by IHMA members have successfully been used in many different applications.

Holograms are well established in China for document and product authentication and packaging decoration, so this project will present information on these and other applications, including document security, to encourage more diversity in the use of holograms.

It will draw on IHMA members, domestic and others, that have supplied holograms to Chinese customers, to show that these members are providing the holograms for the most effective and successful promotional and anti-counterfeiting projects.

And it is working with Chinese hologram manufacturers to encourage membership, particularly in the context of the ISO 14298 standard (which requires that hologram producers user the Hologram Image Register to check the availability of proposed designs and to register their holograms).

The adoption of producers of this standard, and its requirements by users in China, is seen as a key step in helping Chinese hologram companies align their practices with the global industry, and also putting in place more effective safeguards for secure holograms.

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