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Brand Enhancement

Holograms - the Competitive Edge for the Brand and Retail Environment

Brand owners operating in a highly competitive consumer marketplace are continually looking for new methods of product enhancement and differentiation. The unique visual effects of holography provide this competitive edge by bringing enhanced brand impact, point of sale appeal and added perceived value to consumer products.

Holographic packaging supplied by IHMA members has been responsible for spectacular sales increases in sectors as diverse as luxury goods, confectionery, champagne and spirits, soft drinks and beers, perfumes, toiletries, tobacco products, stationery, books, DVDs and clothing.

Holography is a highly versatile medium – and holographic packaging materials such as laminating foils and films can be configured to a variety of packaging formats with minimal or no impact on standard converting and printing processes. Holographic images work best when integrated within the overall design, with transparent, translucent and opaque inks used in combination with techniques such as blind embossing and varnishing to provide effects that range from subtle enhancement to brilliant impact. The only limit to these effects is the imagination of packaging designers and brand managers.

Whether used for seasonal or one-off promotions, for evergreen packaging or for in-store décor, there is no medium that allows more scope to creative or innovative designers, and no medium more guaranteed to position your products ahead of those of your competitors.

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