The Hellenic Institute of Holography for The Bowater Collection of Fabergé OptoClones™

03 December 2015


This project brings together the best of Russian craftsmanship with the state-of-the-art in portable Denisyuk reflection holography.

Since the early days of Denisyuk holography it has been used to record museum artefacts, especially in Russia. So after the Fabergé Museum of St. Petersburg opened its doors in 2013, for the first time bringing together many of Carl Fabergé’s exquisite creations, it was natural that holographers should aspire to record the collection. And the 2015 International Symposium of Display Holography in St. Petersburg provided the catalyst to achieve this as part of a collaboration agreement with ITMO University and Faberge Museum.

The project was created with the Hellenic Institute of Holography’s newly developed ZZZyclops laser camera exposing on to special holographic plates produced by Colour Holographic (UK). HIH also developed purpose-built model of its HoLoFoS™ spotlights for the public display of these unique holographic optical clones at 'Magic of Light' exhibition in St. Petersburg. jointly organized by ITMO University and the Hellenic Institute of Holography.

2015 Awards

2015 Awards

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