Combustion Ingenieros for Powerful Chinese Dragon

03 December 2015



This origination was designed as a tribute to China, the country hosting the IHMA Holography Conference in 2015. Tianlong or ‘Heavenly Dragon’ is the main character of this hologram. 

The Dragon is highlighted by means of two striking effects: On the one hand, a full color effect can be observed, and on the other hand, a 3D animation of the Dragon can be appreciated when an illumination source is placed upon the hologram. 

In Chinese culture, Dragons represent the concept of power, strength, wealth and good luck. The Dragon is embedded inside a medal, which contains leaf-shaped ornaments around its circumference. All the details of the medal are formed with an engraved or carved-like effect.

In addition, the tips of the leafshaped ornaments contain a pseudocolor effect. The ‘Shou’ character, synonym of ‘longevity’, is placed in the background of the hologram together with 8 different ways to write ‘Dragon’ in Chinese, all of these elements have an engraved effect.

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