Combustion Ingenieros for Nobel Prize Tribute Gabriel Garcia Márquez

03 December 2015



Tribute to the Colombian Nobel Prize in Literature: Gabriel García Márquez, 1927- 2014

This origination honours the memory of the Colombian writer and Nobel Prize winning author Gabriel García Márquez, one of the most significant Spanish-Language writers since Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra in the 17th century.

Each view of the hologram shows a multiplicity of characters, landscapes and elements that enter and leave the scene, as the observer plays with the illumination source position.

The central element is the face of Gabriel Garcia Márquez, which is constructed using a holographic achromatic effect having an angular asymmetry. If the hologram is rotated 180 degrees,
the author’s face is transformed into a different male face.

The intention of this metamorphosis is to provide a generic face for the multiple male characters that inhabit the author’s narratives.

2015 Awards

2015 Awards

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