Bowater Holographics for BowaterPolycopier

03 December 2015



Bowater Holographics has designed and built the BowaterPolyCopier™ MK1, a mass production machine for the replication of full-colour three-dimensional reflection holograms in specialised photopolymer film by Covestro (ex Bayer MaterialScience)

Key points of note for the Bowater Process are:

  • Mass production is based upon contact copying of highly secure reflection master holograms of unique configuration, allowing high quality laser transfer of three-dimensional images in full colour.
  • The mastering technology is an advanced stereographic system. Image data can be introduced via appropriate customised computer graphic systems or photographic input from specialised motion camera equipment. Three-dimensional models can also be used.
  • The glass master cells are hermetically sealed for archival stability 
  • The step and repeat process for mass production includes registration index markers which is used for 150 mm web in-line die cutting of adhesive labels.
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