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01 December 2014

ElringKlinger NanogramTM

The Nanogram™ fulfils the customer requirements regarding an easy verification based on the outstanding and unique highlevel
security features like:

Logo is done as a bas-relief with an extreme 3D effect, which doesn’t depend on parameters of a light source. An acute angle

2D image is used to achieve highest level of protection and its sure verification.

New Floating letter (“Smart-glint” effect). Under standard lighting conditions the logo appears as a smooth 3D bas-relief.

But under a spot light source the additional symbol is visible, which has full parallax motion in the entire area of the logo.

Letter Lens: The LetteLens element is a nano optical element with a predefined scattering pattern, which forms full parallax motion of the letter or symbol visible by an observer under point light source.


2014 Awards

2014 Awards

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