Combustión Ingenieros

01 December 2014

Colombian Children

The Colombian Children project is composed of four 2-by-2-cm, multi-resolution holograms.

Each hologram represents an ethnic minority that inhabits Colombia, and these minorities are: (1) Afro-Colombians from the Pacific Coast; (2) the Nukak Maku, a tribe from the Amazon rainforest; (3) the Rom, a group of nomadic clans; and (4) the Raizales from the Caribbean islands of San Andrés and

Each one of the children has a particular combination of colours and effects, such as kinetic effects, high-resolution micro-texts, Fresnel lenses, and encrypted images. This project was designed by the Colombian artist Diego Aguilar and produced by Combustión Ingenieros S.A.S. using our Firefly® microlithography origination system.

2014 Awards

2014 Awards

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