Dimes Pastorelli

01 December 2013

Brian Monaghan Award for Business Innovation

Founder (with Auro Ascari) and current CEO of Diaures, Diavy and MHT (Machinery Holographic Technology)

Dimes Pastorelli trained as a mechanical engineer. He founded Diaures in 1971, when he was 22, with Auro Ascari. Originally they specialised in sheet metal processing and the manufacture of speciality machinery for the mechanical engineering sector. They soon also started producing pressure sensitive materials under the guidance of Mr. Ascari. This led, in the mid-1980s, to the Diaures engineering team starting to produce hologram embossing machines for which Dimes Pastorelli designed the embossing equipment.

This branch of the Diaures group became MHT (Machinery Holographic Technology) to design and build equipment for surface relief hologram production.

In the late 1980s the company created a new R&D area to build prototype machines before presenting these innovative solutions in the market. This became more specialised in holography, spinning off under the name of Diavy in the early 1990s to produce wide- and narrow-web holographic products for packaging, security and other applications.

MHT was one of the first to build wide-web embossing equipment (hard and soft), and now offers a full complement of hologram production equipment. It has sold over 200 machines all over the world, designing and building customised equipment, including unique multi-functional machines for banknote producers. The two companies work closely together to develop and test new applications.

Dimes Pastorelli continues to work on product and technology development, his latest product being holographic aluminium foil for blister-packs for which he has designed special electro-forming and embossing equipment to emboss directly on the aluminium structure.

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