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01 December 2013


The Holo-Drizzler is used for decorative purposes, by using diffractive Holographic Optical Elements, lasers and a bi-directional RPM controller.

The holograms create symmetric light patterns by means of reflection, transmission and Diffraction of the Laser beam.

Photonic crystals with different symmetric patterns were created by using dual beam multiple exposure technique in photo resist. Holographic creation of Photonic crystals was recorded in Photoresist, after recording these structures were replicate in metal through electroforming technique.

This hologram fixed on the top of the bidirectional RPM controller that reflect the laser beam into the desired direction and also it controls the movement of symmetric patterns. A DPSS Laser of 100mW is used as the source for illumination. The illumination and the rotation of the “HOLO - DRIZZLER” are controlled by means of a Bi-directional RPM Controller, made of a Dc motor integrated with a Programmable VFD Circuit which can be operated in both Manual and Auto modes.

2013 Awards

2013 Awards

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