PT Bura Barutama

01 December 2013

Bali Paradise

Our hologram is a full-color hologram, 2D/3D and a white hologram exhibiting its beauty. The attractive features of this hologram would appear more noticeable under spot lighting. By laser reading, certain parts of this hologram features CLR kinetic effect.

The beauty of Bali as the paradise on earth is reflected by the floating dimension of female dancer in the foreground. In the background, you can see Pura, a Hindu temple in Bali and Barong, a traditional mask featuring colorful parts of its face and head.

The holographic effect from white hologram shows as if the lady is dancing in white cloud, producing magnificient glow to all directions, beckoning the visitors to come to Bali. Also, the glowing of an exotic Bali ornament can be viewed under UV light. 

2013 Awards

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2013 Awards