01 December 2013

La Belle Epoque

The idea of “La Belle Epoque” hologram was to turn away modern design using vintage Art Nouveau style. Breaking the traditions presents ornamental structures made of a mix of high security elements.

A combination of 2D/3D background, kinetic effects and masked lenses creates an impression of depth and plasticity. Also microtext, nanotext, nanographic image and advanced CLR image can be found there.  

The central portrait from 1915 is very a detailed one-to-one copy of the real photograph. It´s visible in all directions as a grayscale image. Also a switch to a negative image can be seen under direct light. The old fashioned pattern is achieved by application of a sepia filter on one of the viewing angles. A holographic pearl tone is applied to the achromatic frame of the picture.

2013 Awards

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2013 Awards